Northwestern University Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (NU-MRSEC)

If scientific research is your interest join this interactive workshop where participants replicate the Nobel Prize winning experiment to create “Graphene” the thinnest existing material stronger than steel, nearly transparent, and conducts both heat and electricity better than copper.  Graphene is leading scientific research in the areas of computer chips, flexible electronics, solar cells, sensors, fabrics and biomedical applications. 

The Medical Workshop: The Road to Becoming a Doctor:  Preparing for Medical School

If you have set your sights in becoming a healthcare profession than this interactive workshop should be your first choice.  This two-hour workshop will introduce students to the exciting discipline of Medicine. With guidance from practicing physicians, medical students and other healthcare professionals, workshop participants will engage in theoretical study and an interactive skill session to help them connect the practice of medicine to key competencies for their future studies. The key aims of this workshop is to provide an early insight into life as a doctor, and to give participants a head start in understanding the knowledge required to get there.











The Legal Workshop:  Want to know what it’s like to be an attorney?

This workshop is a great introduction for any student considering future studies or a career in Law. During two hours of interactive study and discussion, students will be introduced to a variety of different fields within the discipline. A team project will enable participants to experience insight into life as a lawyer. Students will be introduced to legal terms and multiple legal disciplines including administrative law, constitutional law, criminal law, appellant law and other areas besides. They will also explore the skills and tasks most required of multiple legal professions, in order to assess whether they themselves would be suited to such a career in the future. The workshop offers an interactive and engaging approach, using presentation, discussion, group tasks, and role-play exercises to engage students in various aspects of the legal landscape. Students may also have the chance to participate in a mock classroom-based trial.










Learn essay writing strategies and tips that will help you to write personal, meaningful essays that get the attention of admissions committees at top tier post-secondary institutions like the University of Chicago.  Presented by Safiya C. Johnson, University of Chicago Admissions Counselor for the Chicago Public Schools.










University of Chicago Essay Writing Workshop

College and University Information Room

Collect brochures and admission counselor business cards from institutions that you have identified as your top choice for admittance after high school graduation.


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